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The PHOENIX group

​We deliver health

​At home, on the road, in hospitals, in care facilities: millions of Europeans need drugs every single day. As a leading pharmaceutical trader in Europe, the PHOENIX group ensures that drugs get to the right place at the right time in 26 countries.

Countries ​
Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Market leader
(pharmaceutical wholesale)

NO. 1 pharmaceutical wholesaler in 10 European countries (As of 31/01/2016)
Distribution Centers 153
​Customers around 60,000
​Items up to ​140,000 (depending on the local market situation)
Pharma Services customers more than 200
​Employees (total) ​29,745 (Fiscal Year 2015/2016)
​Revenue EUR 23,3 billion (Fiscal Year 2015/2016)
The pharmaceutical wholesale business forms the nucleus of the company. Reliable, secure, and efficient supply of pharmacies, dispensing doctors, and medical institutions remains our core competence. PHOENIX provides its customers in the pharmaceutical wholesale business with the full range of drugs and health products. Country-specific, sophisticated warehouse and delivery processes guarantee a fast, reliable supply throughout the countries in which PHOENIX operates. We also provide numerous other products and services, from support for patient advice in the pharmacy to the modern goods management system for pharmacies.

In retailing, we offer patients and consumers excellent services and advice based on a broad range of drugs and health products, via our pharmacies. PHOENIX has retailing activities in 12 countries, where we are also a reliable and valued partner to numerous independent pharmacies. For people throughout Europe, pharmacies are a central point of contact for acute illnesses and all questions about health and well-being. The employees – particularly our pharmacists – help, advise, and support around 120 million people every year with their questions on drugs and health. 

Furthermore, PHOENIX provides professional services to pharmaceutical companies. Our core service is modular handling of all goods movements to and from customers in the pharmaceutical industry, even in the case of challenging product groups such as temperature-sensitive drugs. We also provide quality and data management as well as value added services for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including reprocessing and sample distribution, support for clinical trials, and distribution of marketing material. With our unique level of coverage and well-grounded knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical distribution, we are the ideal partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We know that the success of our customers in wholesale, retailing, and Pharma Services is our success, too. We supply them nationwide with a full range of drugs and health products.