Prague, Czech Republic

Popular with tourists


Walking past the historic town hall, you cross spacious squares with picturesque cafés. Trendy fashion boutiques, hip bars and cool clubs have settled here. Jana Fedosova’s pharmacy can be found in these lively and often crowded surroundings. For her, the focus is not on sightseeing or celebrating but on serving health. Half of her customers are tourists. “Even tourists feel unwell sometimes and need help,” says Jana Fedosova.

Hardly anyone comes to her pharmacy with a prescription. Instead, customers request over-the-counter products. Cold remedies are very popular. But headache tablets are also in demand – perhaps sightseeing was tiring, or the previous evening was longer than expected.

Often, perfectly healthy people come into the pharmacy. They enjoy shopping on their holiday and use the visit to the Czech Republic to buy cosmetics or vitamins. Several brands manufactured here are known internationally. The quality is good and the prices affordable. “Especially international customers like to buy skin creams, peeling products and body lotions,” explains Fedosova. Several shelves in the shop are reserved for these items. Recently they added LIVSANE products, the new category brand of the PHOENIX group, which are delivered to Prague from a modern central storage facility in Brno, 200 kilometres away. The LIVSANE range is growing and includes cosmetics, toiletries, nutritional supplements, and over-the-counter medication.

The sale of these types of products has replaced part of the traditional pharmacy business. In particular, the trade in prescription medication is becoming less and less important on the highly regulated Czech market. New laws are cutting into the margins of pharmacies. To meet the specific requests of her customers, Fedosova also sells homoeopathic medicine, which is becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic. If desired, she can mix individual medicines in her pharmacy.

As the situation in the healthcare market can change quickly, Jana Fedosova tries to economise wherever it makes sense. That is why she joined the PharmaPoint cooperation programme of the PHOENIX group in the Czech Republic. The decisive factor for her was the lower purchase prices for members. She also values the freedom to select products. “I only have to take what my customers ask for,” she says. In contrast, other cooperations try to push specific products onto the market.

Especially international customers like to buy skin creams, peeling products and body lotions.

PharmaPoint reduces her workload. She uses the advertising material it provides, as well as the customer loyalty programme. PharmaPoint provides the loyalty cards and associated software. In the past, the pharmacy organised its own bonus programme, but the new system offers many advantages including networking with other PharmaPoint pharmacies. This saves time, which benefits customers. Jana Fedosova admits that she hesitated for some time before becoming a PharmaPoint member. Will the benefit be worth it? Will we become dependent?She discussed these questions at length with her staff. Yet, after just a few weeks her doubts disappeared. “I had no idea how useful it would be.”

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