Manchester/Liverpool, United Kingdom

Top performance, together


His standards are high – especially when it comes to health. So Waqqass Sheikh named his pharmacy after the highest mountain in the world. “Everest” is written in white letters on the shop front. “My father also had a company with this name,” says the 35-year-old Waqqass. “He always wanted to be the best.”

Waqqass took his father’s attitude to heart. Today he owns four pharmacies in the Manchester region and has 65 employees. 12 of them work in his most profitable branch in Whalley Range, a suburb of this industrial city in the north-west of England.

I offer my customers more than they expect from a pharmacy.

Those who enter Everest Pharmacy immediately see the wide range of healthcare services and advice on offer, as well as everyday OTC products. On closer inspection, you discover preparations for colds and sore throats. “I offer my customers more than they expect from a pharmacy,” says Sheikh. By following this formula, he has quadrupled his revenue.

So that his customers enjoy their visit, he had the pharmacy redesigned three years ago. The spaces are maintained in green and white. A Numark consultant gave him valuable advice about the presentation of goods. The PHOENIX group’s cooperation programme has been running in the United Kingdom for 52 years. In the last fiscal year, it grew strongly, adding some 400 cooperation pharmacies to today’s total of now 3,630.

Selection and presentation are one reason for its success. “But the service also needs to be right,” says Sheikh. His courier service collects prescriptions from doctors’ surgeries and then delivers the medicine to patients at home. A robot helps with stock management in the pharmacy using a grabber arm to sort and disperse medicine, giving the staff more time for customers.

People also come in to get their health checked. Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and weight. “We give our customers the results in a folder to take home,” says Sheikh. Numark provides helpful templates for this. Sheikh’s customers are willing to pay just under 10 pounds for the service, even though it may be free at some other pharmacies nearby.

When Sheikh advises his customers, he relies on his expertise and knowledge of human nature. But he also uses the information, customer engagement material and advice that Numark provides to its members in the monthly delivered marketing package called “One Pack Promise”.

Further information is provided by Rowlands Pharmacy, the PHOENIX group’s community pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom. Just like Numark cooperation pharmacies, Rowlands Pharmacy offers its customers a wide range of non-prescription drugs under its category brand “Numark”.


One of these Rowlands Pharmacies is managed by Alison Moss on the outskirts of Liverpool. She takes a deep breath before starting to talk. “The pharmacy is always busy”, she says. “But we manage to deliver an efficient, high quality service to all our patients.” The 48-year-old is not a pharmacist, but she is still fully responsible for managing the branch. This is legally possible in the United Kingdom. She supervises 11 employees, including a pharmacist.

The success of her branch is based on an expansion a few years ago, and the good customer service has seen prescription items growth to 16,000 a month, averaging more than one a minute. Virtually all customers come in with a prescription because her store is located in the same building as several doctors’ surgeries that are part of the National Health Service, or the NHS.

Alongside prescription drugs, we also offer a wide range of services.

“Different types of people come into the pharmacy”, Alison Moss explains. “However, we do not just provide prescriptions, we offer a range of services such as medicine reviews, blood pressure measuring and flu vaccinations, and there are also two clinics next door for addicts taking part in methadone programmes.” It is a working class area, and few people have a lot of money. Those who have to pay for medicines themselves look at the price. “Therefore, it is a benefit that we have Numark products in our range.” These products offer value for money and are a more affordable option than comparable pharmacy brands should a customer wish to purchase them. Alison Moss smiles. “That is how we can support the patient and the Numark brand at the same time.”

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