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From market follower to market leader

BENU has more than 300 pharmacies in Serbia, making it the market leader in this country.

The PHOENIX group offers Serbia’s seven million inhabitants high-quality health products in an attractive environment. The company has significantly expanded its local pharmacy network by purchasing 138 Goodwill branches in 2017, which are now all part of the BENU brand.

Since this acquisition, the PHOENIX group’s pharmacy chain has grown to over 300 pharmacies in Serbia, making it the country’s new market leader. But that is not the end of the story. There are plans to further increase the number of BENU pharmacies in Serbia. Together with the independent pharmacies in the BETTY pharmacy cooperation programme, the integrated healthcare provider offers a large community-based pharmacy network, providing an alternative to online shopping for pharmaceuticals.

A dense pharmacy network and good advice are key to further expanding the market position in Serbia.

BENU is the largest of the PHOENIX group’s pharmacy chains. Its branches are all up to the latest standards, which include an attractive shop design and goods that are displayed so that patients can find the products they want immediately. A warm, friendly welcome completes the picture.

Every single Goodwill pharmacy has been integrated into the organisation with the latest product range management system, among other things. The goal is to make sure that whatever the patient is looking for is always in stock. This applies just as much to seasonal items as to products that are in demand throughout the year.

In addition, the performance of the individual branches in Serbia should be comparable. The former Goodwill pharmacies have now also been given an identical system of key operating indicators, making it possible to track how well a branch is meeting its customers’ expectations. Prices have been standardised throughout the branch network, and identical computer systems and software have been implemented. In addition, PHOENIX offers its category brand, called LIVSANE, in all of its own pharmacies. All 1,400 BENU employees in Serbia attend ongoing training provided by BENU to ensure that they maintain the same qualifications. After all, providing good advice is another way to significantly strengthen BENU’s market position in Serbia.

With more than 300 pharmacies and 1,400 employees, we provide healthcare to one million customers in Serbia.

Family / Our pharmacies have a wide range of products, which is of particular benefit to families’ diverse needs.

Tradition / The range includes many conventional medicines that older patients know how to get.

In the country / The BENU network in Serbia aims to grow considerably in the years ahead. This will improve the provision of healthcare outside of towns too.

Colourful / The modern design of BENU pharmacies in the city centres particularly appeals to young customers.

No matter where you are, a BENU pharmacy is always nearby.
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