smart and together

The blackboard of today

The timely and convenient exchange of information is becoming ever more important in today’s work environment. The exchange between co-workers helps expand the existing knowledge base, develop and disseminate best practice ideas, simplify work processes, and create transparency.

Not all of PHOENIX’s 37,000 employees have access to a computer – but most do have access to a smartphone. To make internal communication more interactive, transparent, and up-to-date from now on, PHOENIX is introducing a group-wide employee app. This new app aims not only to improve and simplify the exchange of information that is available to all but also to draw employees closer together across divisions, hierarchical levels, and national borders. Keeping employees informed, giving them a say, saving time, and helping them to stay in contact and find solutions together quickly are just some of the benefits the PHOENIX group’s international project team had in mind while designing the app. To see whether it met these requirements, pilot users from Finland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland began testing the app in October 2018 for a period of several months. Their experiences and feedback contributed to the employee app’s further development.

The employee app is intended to be used at the PHOENIX group’s regional entities in all 27 countries.

With this offer, PHOENIX provides fast and efficient access to up-to-date company information in the local language. It also contains user-generated content, user profiles, and an instant messaging feature. Colleagues working in shifts, for example, can use the app to swap shifts with one another or get the latest information about projects. It is also possible to upload videos and photos. Managers can make targeted use of this function to explain issues to their team in a simple and straightforward manner. Anyone can create a group and invite people to join from anywhere in the company – making the app an easy way to network internationally.

The use of the employee app is voluntary. Push notifications can be set individually, so employees do not need to worry about being disturbed after hours or weekends. After all, communication is meant to be fun and should be. PHOENIX plans to successively launch this app in Europe in 2019.

Crossing borders
An international project team from the PHOENIX group defined what features should be included in the app and how it should be used. As the members of the team work in various countries, they ensured that the platform meets the needs of all employees throughout the group.

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