Pharma Services


PHOENIX group is well represented in the Benelux Healthcare Logistics market following the acquisition of Mediq. Brocacef Healthcare Logistics is one of the key players in the Benelux market, with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare logistics market and approximately 40.000 pallet locations.


Brocacef Healthcare Logistics, part of the Brocacef Group, the Dutch PHOENIX company, is a specialised service provider of supply chain solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical supplies and veterinary industries, and has the ability to meet all logistic needs in this field.

Brocacef Healthcare Logistics offers logistic services that cover the entire supply chain with activities ranging from receipt, storage, picking, packing and distribution to full-service  nancial management. Our modular service approach enables us to ful l tailor-made services according to the requirements of our customers.

Aside from the high quality standardised processes, Brocacef Healthcare Logistics also has the ability to offer additional value to our customers by providing tailor-made reports for all aspects of the logistic services offered. The Brocacef Healthcare Logistics facility is centrally located in the Netherlands and meets the highest quality and safety standards. The total area of over 14,000 square metres is divided into conditioned areas of 15 to 25°C (ambient) and 2 to 8°C (cold), and an opiate vault. We deliver daily to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies through our own temperature controlled transportation network though the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

As part of the Brocacef Group, our organisation has close relationships with the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, as well as pharmacies and end users. Due to these connections and experiences, we have the knowledge to ful l the entire healthcare supply chain. The unique combination of healthcareand logistics is a key driver for our company. The international knowledge base of the Phoenix Group, All-in-One, ensures that Bro- cacef can distinguish itself through access to innovations within all of the European markets. This ensures that our service offerings are continuously optimised following the latest trends and technologies.