Launched in 2012, our youngest pharmacy brand is also our largest. Under the BENU brand, we are successfully represented by about 1,400 pharmacies in 10 European countries. The concept: a modern and inviting interior, attractive product presentation, and, of course, the competent and friendly advice provided by our employees.

The “benu” in our name refers to the purple heron. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the benu – the historical predecessor of the phoenix revered in ancient Greece – returns each year, reborn, from its winter home. The benu, which also appears in our brand logo, is a symbol of life, energy and renewal. It represents what we as a company embody and portray in our pharmacies. It goes without saying that we want to be innovative, attentive and committed in our dealings with our customers, ensuring that we are always competent and friendly.

Phoenix group retail BENU
Phoenix group retail BENU
Phoenix group retail BENU
Phoenix group retail BENU

One of the reasons our BENU pharmacies are so successful is that we have created a concept that categorically sets us apart from the competition: inviting interior design and perfect product presentation. Even more important are our competent and dedicated advisors, who always make a subtle, yet crucial, difference for our customers. BENU pharmacies and our highly trained employees are available to help with all health issues. Thanks to our innovative approach, BENU is already the market leader in continental Europe. We are extremely proud of this achievement.

Our BENU countries

  • Czech Republic: BENU Lékárna
  • Estonia: BENU Apteek
  • Hungary: BENU Gyógyszertárak
  • Latvia: BENU Aptieka
  • Lithuania: BENU Vaistinė
  • Montenegro: BENU
  • Netherlands: BENU Apotheek
  • Serbia: BENU Apoteka
  • Slovakia: BENU Lekáreň
  • Switzerland: BENU Pharmacie

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