Valuing every individual employee, thinking and acting sustainably, and always keeping customer needs in mind: our Executive Board works in accordance with these principles each and every day, guaranteeing the long-term success of the PHOENIX group.

Oliver Windholz
We want to be the best integrated healthcare provider. In order to achieve this goal, our corporate mission statement serves as the chief guide for every employee’s day-to-day work. Oliver Windholz Chief Executive Officer
Helmut Fischer
To strengthen and expand our market position, we focus on targeted acquisitions. The quality of the cooperation between the business units involved is crucial to success. Helmut Fischer Member of the Executive Board Finance
Frank Große-Natrop
Our highly qualified and motivated employees guarantee outstanding performance along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. Frank Große-Natrop Member of the Executive Board Operations and Logistics
Stefan Herfeld
We enhance the range of diverse services in our pharmacies on an ongoing basis. Our pharmacies are thus making an important contribution to healthcare. Stefan Herfeld Member of the Executive Board Retail