PHOENIX Pharmaceutics Science Award

We aim to promote pharmaceutical research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the long term – and thereby strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain on a sustainable basis. This is why, as an integrated healthcare provider, we launched the PHOENIX Pharmaceutics Science Award.

Since 1996, the PHOENIX group has recognised innovative and outstanding original work with pharmaceutical relevance. An independent panel of four, reviews the submissions we receive from universities throughout the German-speaking world. From these entries, the panel selects prizewinners in four categories every year: pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, and pharmaceutical technology. The prizewinning work clearly illustrates the fantastic, innovative potential in pharmaceutical research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Maintaining cutting-edge research in Germany

The original idea behind the award was to contribute toward maintaining cutting-edge research in Germany, and to provide an extra incentive. Today, we still feel committed to this approach, originally set out by then-Chief Executive Officer of the PHOENIX group, Dr. Bernd Scheifele, at the first award ceremony. At the same time, the objective of the award has been extended to meet our desire to strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain on a sustainable basis.

Preisverleihungen seit 1996
23award ceremonies since 1996
verliehene Preise
92awarded scientists
Einreichungen jährlich
50applications yearly

The award, with a total value of EUR 40,000, left the borders of Germany behind a long time ago. It is among the most prestigious science awards in the German-speaking world. It is also the only award that recognises the latest work from a whole scientific field.

The PHOENIX Pharmaceutics Science Award is an integral element of the PHOENIX group’s social commitment. As an integrated healthcare provider, we always want to be one step ahead – not just of the competition but also of ourselves.

We take our responsibility to society seriously, and that’s why we promote fundamental pharmaceutical research, helping to build a better future for everyone. Contributions to research, such as those made by our prizewinners, are what lay the foundation for the treatments of tomorrow.