The Teddy Bear Hospital

Almost 3 million children are hospitalized in France every year, 60 percent of them for surgery or examination. In order to accompany them during their hospital stay in a child-friendly manner, the French pharmacy cooperation PharmaVie decided to set up a personalised care system.

As part of the "L'hôpital de mon Doudou" project for children between the ages of 2 and 11, PharmaVie finances the construction of mini-hospitals in the children's ward. In the colourfully designed rooms, the children are looked after personally and get a playful explanation of what is going to happen during their upcoming surgical procedure, for example. A teddy bear, which they receive directly on their arrival, helps them. In this way, the little patients can be relieved of their fear of hospitalisation.

The Teddy Bear Hospital project started in Cannes in 2015, followed by the Robert Debré Hospital in Paris in 2016. In the future, another six clinics will be equipped accordingly in France every year.