Support of the Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital

Tamro has sponsored the Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital since 2007. Over the years, Tamro has contributed to about sixty new computers, wireless broadband and hospital clowns, as well as therapeutic interiors and nursing room renovations. A sponsorship project that places us warmly at heart is Svea, a certified therapy dog who together with her handler Annika brings much joy to severely ill children and their families.We joined Svea, the therapy dog, for a typical day at work and it was a truly uplifting experience.

Every year, Tamro's employees abstain their Christmas gift for the Foundation, this year we chose to sponsor the Sibling supporter’s at the Children's Hospital. We got a good insight into the important work performed for the siblings of the sick children staying at the hospital, a person we had the pleasure to meet was Albin, who finds ways to pass the time