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“I am convinced that the PHOENIX group is well positioned to achieve positive business development in the medium and long term. In addition to organic and acquisition-related growth, increasing efficiency will also be an important contributing factor.”

Helmut Fischer, Member of Executive Board Finance

Have you invested in the PHOENIX group? Or are you interested in the company’s performance as a capital market participant? You can find lots of important information about us and our activities here: current financial reports, news, and our financial calendar.

Annual Report 2017/18

The PHOENIX group puts people first. Their needs are the guiding principle behind our corporate activities within the European healthcare system - for our day-to-day operations and for all investments in the future. Find out more about the latest developments of the PHOENIX group in our annual report.

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We have compiled our annual and quarterly reports as well as investor presentations for you, sorted by financial year.

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Financial calendar

Financial calendar

The next publication dates for our financial reports on the economic development of the PHOENIX group can be found here:

Annual Report 2018/19
Quarterly report February to April 2019
Half-year report February to July 2019
Quarterly report February to October 2019


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