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Annual Report 2018/19

We have set ourselves a challenging task. There is a great deal at stake. People’s health is what it is all about.

Two strong Pillars
Romania was one of the PHOENIX group’s last blank spots in Europe. However, after the successful acquisition of a pharmacy chain and a wholesaler, it can now provide the entire country with comprehensive health services.
Southeastern Europe
As a wholesaler, the PHOENIX group ensures that the drugs and health products of pharmaceutical manufacturers are delivered to pharmacies and medical institutions both quickly and reliably.
From market follower to market leader
BENU has more than 300 pharmacies in Serbia, making it the market leader in this country. The PHOENIX group offers Serbia’s seven million inhabitants high­quality health products in an attrac­tive environment.
No unnecessary detours
Although pharmacies generally stock a wide range of drugs, sometimes a medicine may be unavailable. PHOENIX wants to make visits to the pharmacy more efficient and save customers a second trip.
A treasure in an ocean of data
Health data can tell a very personal story by revealing ordeals as well as healing processes. At the same time, these data conceal an invaluable treasure. How is it possible to analyse health data?
Ana’s new life
What do you do when urgently needed medicines are not permitted in the home country of a patient? Two PHOENIX group subsidiaries lend a helping hand with their pharmaceutical and legal expertise.
Digital Detectives
Thanks to standardised marking, manipulated medicines can be easily detected throughout Europe. Falsified drugs are increasingly appearing in European pharmacies – putting patients at risk.
Pills from a printer
Advances in today’s healthcare sector are paving the way for some exciting possibilities. Will computers one day replace doctors? Will tablets be produced by 3D printers? How can the PHOENIX group build on these concepts?
The blackboard of today
The timely and convenient exchange of information is becoming ever more important in today’s work environment. To make internal communication more interactive, transparent, and up­to­date from now on, PHOENIX is introducing a group­wide employee app.
Our strategy is based on the three aspects of depth, breadth and digitalisation.
Executive Board of the PHOENIX group from left to right:

Helmut Fischer

Member of the Executive Board Finance

Frank Grosse-Natrop

Member of the Executive Board Operations and Logistics

Oliver Windholz

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Herfeld

Member of the Executive Board Retail

PHOENIX group in Figures

2017/18 | 2018/19
Total operating performance in €m
4.8 %
Increase in total operating performance compared with 2017/18
2017/18 | 2018/19
Revenue in €m
3.6 %
Increase in revenue compared with 2017/18