In Europe, pharmacies are the first port of call for the provision of healthcare. In many countries, healthcare markets are currently in upheaval, and pharmacies face a variety of challenges: more intensive regulation or deregulation of the health system, positioning as an individual pharmacy or in cooperation programmes, increasing digitisation and customer retention. Today, pharmacies have to be well positioned in order to stand their ground. PHOENIX acts as a local partner to pharmacies and offers concrete solutions.

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Medicine or skin cream – why tourists are special customers

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Best friends under the same roof

Being there

GrosshandelWholesalemore than56000Pharmacy customers in wholesale
EinzelhandelRetail 2500own pharmacies
Apotheken-KooperationsprogrammePharmacy cooperation programmes 13500Individual pharmacies in cooperation and partner programmes
Oliver Windholz
One of the PHOENIX group’s strengths is its stable shareholder structure as a family business.Oliver WindholzChief Executive Officer
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Digital Expertise
2017/2018Digital Expertise

In the future we will be better able to serve our customers in Finland. The PHOENIX subsidiary Tamro purchased Medaffcon, a consultancy firm specialising in healthcare data. This represents yet another step toward making the PHOENIX group the best integrated healthcare provider in Finland and Europe. Find out more at

A strong community
2017/2018A strong community

In June 2017, the PHOENIX group launched the new pharmacy cooperation programme LIVPLUS in Germany. The primary goal is to strengthen the independent pharmacies at a local level. They benefit from a wide product range at special rates and have preferential access to products from the PHOENIX category brand LIVSANE. Find out more at

Exclusive quality
2017/2018Exclusive quality

In summer 2017 the PHOENIX group introduced its first Europe-wide own brand, LIVSANE, step by step in 11 countries. The consistent brand image reduces the costs of manufacture and distribution. As a result, independent pharmacies within PHOENIX cooperation programmes, individual pharmacies supplied by the company as pharmaceutical wholesale customers, and the group’s own BENU pharmacies are able to offer high quality at attractive prices.

BENU turns 5
2017/18BENU turns 5

The network of the PHOENIX pharmacy brand BENU has been growing for more than five years. More than 1,300 pharmacies in ten European countries belong to the chain. BENU is very well represented in Eastern Europe. The first BENU pharmacy opened in 2012, and the chain is now the market leader in the Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia, and Montenegro. Find out more at


Around 13,000 independent pharmacies from 15 countries work together in PHOENIX cooperation and partner programmes. The PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership is the European umbrella organisation for the 12 cooperation programmes. In October the cooperation reached a new level. More than 300 participants from pharmacies and manufacturers gathered for the first time at a conference in Berlin to exchange ideas about the pharmacy of the future. Find out more at


How does the brain know when we have a fever? Why does St. John’s wort have a positive effect on mood? Questions like these were explored by the experts who received the PHOENIX Pharmaceutics Science Award in October 2017. The €40,000 award is one of the most prestigious prizes for pharmaceutical researchers in the German-speaking world. Find out more at

More than 100,000
2017/18More than 100,000

drugs and health products can be prepared for shipping almost automatically by our new distribution centre in Gotha, Germany, thanks to a state-of-theart goods management system. From it, PHOENIX supplies thousands of pharmacies in the German states of Thuringia, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt with drugs quickly and reliably. The facility commenced operations in October 2017.

Expansion in Serbia
2017/18Expansion in Serbia

The PHOENIX group is hitting top form in Serbia. In November 2017, it purchased the Goodwill Apoteka chain. Its 138 branches are to become part of the BENU brand, which has now grown to more than 300 pharmacies in Serbia. PHOENIX also operates pharmaceutical wholesale, an international logistics centre, and the cooperation programme BETTY in Serbia. Find out more at and

A family business
2017/18A family business

The INTES Family Business Academy honoured the entrepreneur Ludwig Merckle, naming him “Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2017. In their comments, the jury noted that at a challenging time, the shareholder of the PHOENIX group had set a course to ensure its continuation. When he succeeded his father in 2009, Merckle became the sole heir and initiated a successful consolidation strategy.

TV advertisement with partner
2017/18TV advertisement with partner

A new era has begun for the pharmacies of the Slovakian cooperation programme PARTNER. PHOENIX is advertising on television in Slovakia for the first time. The aim is to increase awareness of the PARTNER brand. Examples can be found at and

Nobel Peace Prize Concert
2017/18Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Our Norwegian pharmacy chain Apotek 1 has awarded a number of special prices. In December, it honoured 1,000 people, including 650 employees. Internal comparisons have shown that these employees provide outstanding service to customers. Business partners who are making a commitment to society also received awards. The winners attended the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, which is held annually in Oslo the day after the Nobel Peace Prize is presented.

Strong brand
2017/18Strong brand

In Hungary the BENU brand has won a respected award. The pharmacy chain, which belongs to the PHOENIX group, was presented with the Superbrands award for the fourth time. BENU Hungary achieved a high points total in the category “Image and Branding.” Superbrands is an independent organisation that recognises the strongest corporate brands in more than 88 countries.

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