Tamro Estonia and its sister companies in Lithuania and Latvia form the Tamro Baltics Group. Together, they are the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic States. The three locations play an important role in ensuring good healthcare throughout the region and guarantee that pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers are supplied quickly and reliably with medicines and other health-related products.

With Tamro, the PHOENIX group is also able to offer services along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain in the Baltic States. These include, for example, storage, transport, goods management, billing, and more. In addition, Tamro Baltics operates a network of almost 250 pharmacies. Customers and patients from all three Baltic countries are successfully supplied with with drugs and other health-related products, including nutritional supplements and skincare items.

With its distribution centres in Tallinn, Riga and Kaunas, Tamro Baltics ensures fast, secure shipping across the region and makes a decisive contribution to healthcare throughout the Baltic States.

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