With a market share of 36 per cent, PHOENIX Zdravotnícke zásobovanie, a.s., headquartered in Bratislava, is the market leader in pharmaceutical wholesale in Slovakia. But the PHOENIX group in Slovakia is not only successful in wholesale: With the well-known pharmacy chain BENU, the company also makes a significant contribution to healthcare throughout the country in pre-wholesale and retail.

Every day, 451 employees at PHOENIX and 28 at BENU, as well as 267 employees in the individual BENU pharmacies, ensure that the PHOENIX group can further strengthen their market leadership in Slovakia. To achieve this aim, all employees in the four distribution centres in Bratislava, Zvolen, Nesvady, and Košice work to make sure that pharmacies, hospitals and customers throughout Slovakia are supplied with a comprehensive range of drugs and medical products at all times.

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