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No unnecessary detours

Although pharmacies generally stock a wide range of drugs, sometimes a medicine may be unavailable. This is particularly frustrating for customers because it means they need to go back to the pharmacy a few hours later or even the next day.

PHOENIX wants to make visits to the pharmacy more efficient and save customers a second trip. Its new app for smartphones and tablets called „deine Apotheke“ (your pharmacy) allows customers to take photos of prescriptions and send them to their pharmacy or order over-the-counter health products in advance. As soon as the drug is available, the customer receives a chat message from the pharmacy to let them know they can pick it up. If the pharmacy offers a delivery service, the customer can also arrange for the items to be sent to their home.

Once customers have downloaded the app, they can use the „pharmacy finder“ feature to identify the nearest pharmacy offering the app service. The customer can connect to the pharmacy either via this search function or by entering a pharmacy-specific QR code. All data sent or received are encrypted.

The app is available to all pharmacies in Germany and allows them to offer their customers a digital service. Pharmacies can also use the app to attract new customers who they would not be able to reach otherwise or to strengthen their ties with existing customers. More than 3,000 pharmacies are already successfully using the app – and the number is growing.

The app’s ease of use is a good reason to adopt the digital service and accounts for the high level of acceptance. Smartphones have long been a constant feature of everyday life, with more than 80 per cent of all Germans mobilly connected and pulling out their smartphones 33 times a day on average.

I. Registration The customer registers with the pharmacy by scanning a QR code.

II. Scanning The customer scans the prescription in at home or while out and about and sends it to the pharmacy via the app.

III. Notification The pharmacy notifies the customer when the medicine is ready for collection.

IV. Collection The customer goes to the pharmacy and collects the drug or arranges to have it delivered.

Thanks to a partnership with the PAYBACK loyalty programme, users of the app can enjoy even more benefits

Starting in summer 2019, PAYBACK services will gradually be integrated into the „deine Apotheke“ app. Customers will be able to collect points or enjoy discounts, for example, when they purchase over-the-counter medicines or health products. In coop- eration with Germany’s most popular loyalty programme, PHOENIX aims to make as many customers as possible aware of the advantages of „deine Apotheke“. The loyalty programme will also help pharmacies strengthen their ties with customers and increase their average revenue per purchase. More than 30 million people in Germany collect PAYBACK points.

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