Glasses in transit ...

Doesn’t everything come in the same bag? No. Not everything. These bags are specially designed for glasses, frames, spectacle lenses, contact lenses, and especially for returns.

Our subsidiary transmed supplies optical products – whether spectacle lenses or contact lenses, we transport them. Night after night, orders that are placed during the day are sorted and transported – but of course, returns also have to find their way back.

Sophisticated logistics are necessary for returns to arrive safely and without problems. After all, they should be just as reliable, convenient and quick as normal deliveries. If a valued customer has had to make a complaint, he should be satisfied the second time around – and not have to wait too long.

“This is precisely why we introduced the returns bag two years ago,” explains transmed Managing Director Marco Grasmeder. The objective: A standardised solution that saves time and costs, and simplifies life and work for everyone.

The pilot project for the “returns bag” started at the end of 2014 in cooperation with Essilor, a global optometry company headquartered in France. The returns bag is made from blue-green paper, 158 mm by 375 mm, sealed with a double flap and supplied with a resealable label. Two barcodes for clear identification can be found on the front and back. The “routing number” helps to ensure effective sorting.

A clean solution

Opticians that have already been using the service for a while confirm that the paper bag is a “clean and attractive solution” for the safe delivery of the product to its destination. The service offers them numerous benefits – first and foremost, a rapid and smooth process. It all starts at the time of dispatch: the addresses and routing information are printed on.

When the driver arrives, he immediately recognises the returns bag by its green colour. The bags are placed in the delivery van in such a way that the fragile optical products do not come into contact with heavy packages – resulting in substantially fewer incidents of damage during transport than before.

Depending on the destination of the bag, it is redistributed either at the regional destination depot or when it gets to the main hub in Hanau – it works a little like a bus timetable, where passengers in greenish blue clothing are continually getting on and off at bus stops.

Transparent logistics

The bags are scanned as soon as their status changes – when they are transferred to company messenger boxes or to any handling point, and, finally, on arrival at their destination. This means that it is always easy to trace the exact location of a product. There are only a few cases of loss or damage in every thousand deliveries.

And from there, the process is rapid: the following night, the bag is delivered to the manufacturer, who can correct the order and immediately send the returns back to the optician. When everything works smoothly, a complaint is dealt with within 48 hours. And everyone is happy. This system is even more cost-effective than normal mail – bags are restocked both by the manufacturer and via messenger boxes.

The bags were developed in cooperation with Essilor, a leading manufacturer of spectacle lenses. For Eric Schneider, Director Operations & IT at Essilor Group Germany & Austria, the pilot project is a proven success:

With the transmed returns bag, we provide our customers with an attractive service that offers decisive advantages. The process is simple and secure, the returned spectacle lenses are quickly transferred from the customer to Essilor – and more cost-effectively than via mail. It is the perfect solution for returns processing, both for us and our customers.Eric SchneiderDirector Operations & IT at Essilor Group Germany & Austria

In addition to Essilor, the spectacle lens producer Hoya was the next to sign up and join the race to attract opticians and their customers.

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