“Sustainable and responsible conduct is part of our daily work, and an aspect of our values, enshrined in our corporate mission. Through the efficient use of our resources, we can ensure a high level of quality with respect to the environment, our employees and society.”

Oliver Windholz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Strategy & management

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key element of our corporate philosophy. This means: we accept our responsibilities. For society, the environment around us, our employees, and for value-creating growth. Only in this way can we ensure quality and safety for our customers, not to mention the sustainable existence of our company.

We want to create value, methodically and over the long term – our corporate culture is based on this. It is primarily in our customers’ interests that we are continuously increasing the level of quality and safety in our products and services. It is only by doing this that can we achieve long-term, profitable growth.
As a pharmaceutical trading company, we are conscious of our environmental responsibilities. We take reducing pharmaceutical waste, and designing our processes along the entire transport chain to be as resource-efficient and sustainable as possible, all the more seriously – as a contribution to our society and for the sake of the environment.
Our employees are the cornerstone of our success – and our most important resource. That is why we take responsibility for them and, in the framework of a modern work environment, build a relationship based on mutual trust. In this context, a sustainable personnel policy is just as important to us as establishing long-term prospects and opportunities for development.
As a healthcare provider, we are an active part of society – we are conscious of this responsibility. This makes it all the more obvious to us that we should make an important contribution to society, within the scope of our activities and beyond. Always in line with our motto: We deliver health across Europe.

CSR Reports

In our reports, we describe the basic principles, developments and results of our initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We have been publishing them on an annual basis since fiscal year 2012/13.

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