Sustainability is a complex area. Especially when you have as much contact with people on a daily basis and as many logistics processes and transport routes as the PHOENIX group does. Our sustainability activities are therefore supported by a well-thought-out structure and organisation. And this also applies to our communication on this issue. We are committed to providing comprehensive yet concise information about our approach – whether through our sustainability report, sustainability brochure, or the infographic that summarises our business activities at a glance.


Great commitment in small format: In our chart there are many activities to discover with which we shape the business activities of the PHOENIX group in a sustainable way.

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As a family business, we make decisions independently and pursue a long-term strategy in order to grow profitably. It is very important to us that we actively communicate our CSR activities. We want to make our employees even more aware of – and passionate about – sustainability issues. This is the only way we can work together to achieve our CSR goals.EXECUTIVE BOARD OF THE PHOENIX GROUP
  • Strategy & Management

    For us, corporate success and social responsibility go hand in hand. Our goal is to integrate the principle of sustainability into all our processes. To achieve this, everyone needs to play their part – from the Managing Board and managers through to individual employees as well as our suppliers and service providers. Internally, we have established a corporate social responsibility (CSR) management system, which guides our activities at all levels. A CSR team acts as the central point of contact for all issues relating to corporate responsibility and the integration of these issues into our operational workflows. There are also employees responsible for CSR in the subsidiaries.

  • Targets

    Getting a little bit better every day. To achieve this, we set ourselves ambitious targets and put them into practice in all divisions of the company. Our approach is so rigorous that our progress is often faster than planned. A perfect example is the successful reduction in the costs associated with pharmaceutical waste. We are also making significant advances in our other strategic goals, such as lowering the illness rate and the group-wide implementation of data protection. Achieving our objectives spurs us on to face new challenges. After all, sustainability does not stand still – it is a continuous process.

  • Materiality

    Anyone wanting to manage the effects and consequences of their business activities as effectively as possible needs to know exactly what these impacts are. We identify the issues that are relevant to our many stakeholders through direct dialogue and regular surveys. We are currently using a questionnaire that we ran in 2015. In 2018, we are conducting a new international stakeholder survey. By doing so, we aim to make further improvements with regard to sustainability and to ensure that we are implementing effective measures in the key areas in which action is required.

  • Key figures

    Key figures are important when it comes to having an unbiased and verifiable view of our achievements, developments, and other successes relating to sustainability. They ensure transparency and comparability – for the benefit of the public just as much as for the company itself. These key figures show us our current position, scope for further improvements, and the effectiveness of our measures.

Sustainability Report

Do you want to know more about our aims? Read the chapter in our current report.

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