Strategy & management

Sustainability is not only inextricably linked with our identity but also with our plans for growth. We regard corporate success and social responsibility as one package. In practice, this concept can only work when it is implemented at all levels of the PHOENIX group, and when it is just as much a part of our strategic decision-making as it is of our everyday activities. This applies to our Managing Board and managers through to individual employees as well as to our suppliers and service providers.

We believe the key to this lies in clearly defined structures and responsibilities, binding targets, specific measures, international cooperation, active dialogue with our workforce and all other stakeholders, as well as clear communication.

It is our aim to grow sustainably –in all divisions of the company, in all of the countries in which we operate, and along our entire supply chain.OLIVER WINDHOLZChief Executive Officer
  • CSR management

    Within the PHOENIX group, we have established a corporate social responsibility (CSR) management system, which guides our activities at all levels. A CSR team acts as the central point of contact for all issues relating to corporate responsibility and the integration of these issues into our operational workflows. It reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Given the varying conditions in the markets, we handle many CSR issues at a local level. To this end, the CSR team communicates intensively with the CSR representatives in the subsidiaries. This process allows us to promote knowledge sharing across the company, the formation of networks, and the exchange of best practices.

  • Areas of responsibility

    We run our company according to sustainable principles. The complexity of our business means there are many different factors for us to consider. To manage and make progress with our numerous activities in a structured way, we have developed four areas of responsibility: value creation for customers and the company, environmental protection, supporting employees, and commitment to society. We have defined company-wide targets within these four areas of responsibility, which we implement by means of concrete measures.

  • Targets

    We aim to get a little bit better every day. To achieve this, we define ambitious targets and put them into practice in all divisions of the company. Our approach is so rigorous that our progress is often faster than planned. A perfect example is the successful reduction in the costs associated with pharmaceutical waste of over 10 per cent within just three years. We are also making significant advances in our other strategic goals, such as lowering the illness rate and the group-wide implementation of data protection. Achieving our objectives spurs us on to face new challenges. After all, sustainability does not stand still – it is a continuous process.

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