Areas of activity

Creating long-term value

We want to create value, methodically and over the long term. Our corporate culture is based on it. Our customers are particularly important to us, and it is in their interests that we are continuously increasing quality and safety in our products and services. This is the only way we can we achieve long-term, profitable growth.

Wir wollen Werte schaffen, langfristig und planvoll - darauf basiert unsere Unternehmenskultur. Unsere Kunden liegen uns dabei besonders am Herzen. In ihrem Interesse bauen wir das Niveau von Qualität und Sicherheit bei unseren Produkten und Dienstleistu

We deliver health across Europe. Through this, we are able to see what kind of financial pressure the health systems in many countries are repeatedly being subjected to. We respond to this by expanding our range of products and services and intensifying our cooperation across borders. With local expertise, we are best placed to cope with regional differences and challenges.

Quality and safety

We want to meet our high-quality standards everywhere and provide our customers with reliable and comprehensive support. To guarantee this, we have imposed a rigorous and continuous quality management system to monitor our activities. It includes compliance with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines, as well as all legal requirements. This is complemented by the ongoing and Europe-wide implementation of “best practices.” We learn from each other – and naturally, we measure how satisfied our customers are with our services.

Customer satisfaction from country to country

Drug safety is obviously of great concern to us. For this reason, we are involved with associations and initiatives that are addressing this issue throughout Europe. We have begun to prepare ourselves for future requirements and regulations.

Data protection is becoming more important

Data protection is playing an increasingly important role – both locally and internationally – and not just for our customers. Due to the increasing legal and technical requirements in this subject area, the PHOENIX group will be coordinating its data protection activities across Europe in the future. As a member of the German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD), we regularly exchange information on this matter with other companies.

To reflect the increasing importance of the subject of data protection, the PHOENIX group appointed a data protection officer for the group in September 2014, who also heads the group’s Data Protection division as of June 2016. The officer’s task is to monitor the fulfillment of all data protection requirements within the company. The data protection officer reports directly to the Executive Board but does not receive instructions from it.

In many countries, this work will be complemented by local data protection officers. In particular, they will ensure that the legal regulations applicable in the respective countries are being complied with and that no data can be accessed by unauthorised third parties.

CSR Report

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