Areas of responsibility

Supporting employees

Our vision is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are. We can only achieve this goal with motivated, satisfied and loyal employees. They are the cornerstone of our success and our most important resource.

Förderung der Mitarbeiter

We want to create an attractive and secure work environment for all our employees. To this end, we are investing in international programmes for further training, in talent development, and in occupational health management.

Moreover, we are using the results of our first company-wide employee survey to work together with our employees to implement improvement measures that are strengthening our employer brand.

Positive development in employee numbers

At the end of the fiscal year 2016/17, there were 34,145 employees (27,664 full-time equivalents) working for the PHOENIX group across a total of 26 countries in Europe - over 7 per cent more than in the previous year. At more than 6,500, the largest number of employees is registered in the United Kingdom, followed by the Netherlands (4,665) and Germany (4,434). On average, the proportion of female employees is around 70 per cent, and 42 per cent of employees work part-time.

Breakdown of PHOENIX group employees by region

Satisfaction and dialogue

Our corporate culture is based on dialogue and trust. We get an insight into our employees’ level of satisfaction and key areas that require improvement through the annual performance review held between managers and staff, as well as through company-wide employee surveys.

As a result of the survey conducted in 2015, managers determined action points for their respective areas of responsibility and set about implementing measures in conjunction with their employees. In numerous workshops, more than 140 improvement measures were defined, the majority of which had already been implemented by 2017. The company is planning to conduct another international employee survey in 2018.

Supporting a healthy and safe work environment

The PHOENIX group pays special attention to the health of its employees and ensures safe working practices in accordance with the law and the requirements of our quality management system.

We carry out systematic risk assessments for each workplace and organise appropriate preventative measures. Our employees receive regular training on all aspects of occupational health and safety. However, when accidents at work are recorded, we report these to the appropriate authorities.

It is a strategic CSR goal of the PHOENIX group to reduce the illness rate. We aim to reduce this rate from 4.47 per cent (in the reference year 2014/15) to 3.47 per cent by the fiscal year 2018/19. In the reporting year, the illness rate fell to 4.12 per cent, from 4.38 in the previous year.

Securing the future through education and further training

We have established an efficient system for further training across the company, which allows employees to enhance their professional skills and can give their personal development a significant boost. All employees complete induction programmes and training courses that suit their particular area of responsibility. Training courses on GDP, the code of conduct, the anti-corruption policy, and the competition compliance policy are all part of the mandatory programme.

Strengthening managerial skills

We want to fill senior positions from within the company wherever possible. This motivates employees and ensures continuity, prevents the loss of knowledge, and strengthens the ties between managers and our company. For this purpose, we established a talent management scheme in 2016, which determines key positions in the company, identifies the top performers, and provides optimal opportunities for promotion. The talent management programme currently includes 250 managers.

When it comes to the development of skills within the scope of the talent management scheme, we are already able to build upon several development programmes. These include:

  • The Junior Development Programme (JDP) for young employees with leadership potential
  • The Management Development Programme (MDP) for experienced employees
  • The European Management Development Programme (EMDP), a group-wide personnel development initiative for junior managers in all PHOENIX group countries
  • The training programme for top and senior management

In the fiscal year 2016/17, around 300 employees across Europe participated in the ongoing rounds of these programmes.


Would you like to learn more about our latest developments concerning our employees? You can find all the details in our latest CSR Report.

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