The chance for a better life

Security, education, medical care, attention - for children these are elementary building blocks for a good start in life. In the Brazilian favelas they lack all these things. The harsh everyday life there is marked by poverty, crime, violence and illiteracy. In Fortaleza, Brazil's fifth largest city, the association Kulturbras e. V. has set itself the task of changing this.

Learning and laughing
More than 25 years ago, frightening experiences on a trip to Brazil motivated the initiators to found Kulturbras. Since then, the association has accompanied more than 1,000 neglected children on their way to a better future. The heart of Kulturbas is the children's house built in 1995 in the middle of a favela. There, the children learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and are thus prepared for attending secondary schools or vocational training. Education in social behaviour is also important to the initiators. The needs of daily life such as hygiene, regular meals and medical care are taken care of. Children can play, laugh and experience the feeling of security.

PHOENIX group: Supporters from the very beginning
The work of the association is exclusively financed by donations. The PHOENIX group has supported Kulturbras since its foundation - it is the company's largest donation project. "What is being achieved here fits in perfectly with the motto of our social commitment 'Together for a healthy future for children'," says Oliver Windholz, CEO of the PHOENIX group. "All children, regardless of where they were born, should have equal chances in life."

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