Donations and sponsorships

As an active member of society, the PHOENIX group recognises its responsibility and aims to make a positive contribution to the common good, well beyond the scope of its core business. Our commitment to society is complemented by funding local and regional projects in the vicinity of our sites.

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What projects and organisations does PHOENIX support?

The PHOENIX group’s mission is “We deliver health across Europe”. This guides our choice of areas to support as part of our social commitment. 

  • Promoting pharmaceutical research, such as through the PHOENIX Pharmaceutics Science Award.

  • Deepening our local social commitment by supporting charitable institutions, such as hospitals and day care centres, as well as regional institutions.

  • Group-wide charitable projects, such as support for KULTURBRAS e.V. in Fortaleza, Brazil.

  • Helping to secure future generations of qualified personnel by supporting schools and universities.

What criteria are used to decide which projects to support?

Our principles:

  •  PHOENIX supports projects, initiatives, and organisations at locations or in regions where we are active.

  • We support interregional projects if they lie within our defined areas of focus and relate to our activities as a healthcare provider.

  • The actions must conform to applicable local legal requirements and to our internal rules, such as the code of conduct and anti-corruption policy.

  • The involvement should produce a long-term, sustainable benefit and have an excellent reputation within society.

  • The donation or sponsoring activity follows the principle of quid pro quo. PHOENIX provides cash payments, gifts in kind, or services. In return, the supported party agrees to report on the supported activities and to mention PHOENIX by name.

  • For financial and in-kind donations, PHOENIX requires a complete and proper certification of donation.

What is required if you would like PHOENIX to support your project?

If you would like the PHOENIX group to support a project or event, please submit a brief – maximum one page – project description containing the following information:

  • Contact person for the project

  • Description of the applicant organisation and its goals

  • Project description, costs, and schedule

  • Reasons why PHOENIX should support the project

  • Information about quid pro quo

  • Complete address details, including bank account

There is no legal obligation for the PHOENIX group to make a contribution. Even if the principles in favour of project support are met, there is no obligation on the PHOENIX group or its subsidiaries to provide any services.

The PHOENIX group decides on support at its own discretion and on the basis of the means available.

Your contact person Stefanie Göndöcs CSR and Communications Manager +49 621 8505-8503 s.goendoecs(at)

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