Identifying key issues

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with its four areas of responsibility comprising value creation, environment, employees, and society, has been an integral part of our corporate management. It has also impacted the way we have viewed ourselves since 2012.

During 2015, we identified CSR issues that are of key relevance to the PHOENIX group. Our materiality analysis was based on the GRI G4 standard laid down by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

In the first instance, the expectations of internal and external stakeholders were of particular importance for the analysis. More than 20,000 employees from different areas of operations as well as suppliers, customers, subcontractors, and other business partners were asked to take part in a Europe-wide online survey. Overall, more than 4,500 people participated in the survey. The questions covered 35 different points relating to sustainability, such as topics relating to working practices and conditions, or products and services. These were supplemented by further ecological and economic issues.

Materiality matrix

The materiality matrix also incorporated requirements that are important for the long-term success of our company. For the first time, this comprehensive analysis was conducted for the entire PHOENIX group.