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For the PHOENIX group, corporate success and social responsibility go hand in hand. We have set ourselves the goal of integrating sustainability-oriented principles in all quality management processes and in our cooperation with customers, business partners, and employees. We plan to gradually extend this process to all of our company’s subsidiaries.

As a family business, we make decisions independently and pursue a long-term strategy in order to grow profitably. It is very important to us that we actively communicate our CSR activities. We want to make our employees even more aware of – and passionate about – sustainability issues. This is the only way we can work together to achieve our CSR goals. Executive Board of the PHOENIX group

As a consequence of the very diverse market conditions, we deal with most issues at a local level in accordance with our slogan “Think together global – act local”. It is all the more important that we continue to intensify the cooperation between our subsidiaries. We are facing up to international challenges with a management structure established across the group, a CSR programme, and binding targets.



The Chief Executive Officer assumes the overall responsibility for CSR. He oversees the implementation of CSR measures across the whole group. The CEO is assisted in his duties by the Group CSR team, which is the central point of contact for all issues relating to corporate responsibility. It is the team’s responsibility to integrate concrete decisions and specifications into the group’s operational processes.

Each year, we document our results and the progress we have made in the field of sustainability in a CSR Report.

Areas of responsibility

Areas of responsibility

Our corporate mission statement is the basis of our CSR strategy. We have also developed core areas of responsibility for CSR:

  • Value creation for customers and the company
  • Environmental protection
  • Supporting employees
  • Commitment to society

Within these areas of responsibility, the PHOENIX group sets itself binding CSR goals: 

Supply chain

Sustainability in the supply chain

In cooperation with our partners, we are continuing to take on more responsibility along our supply chain. With the introduction of the General Procurement Supplier Code of Conduct in 2017, we have established a supplier code for the purchase of indirect and trading goods. This will allow us to improve the integration of sustainability criteria in our strategic procurement processes.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Within PHOENIX, the term “General Procurement” or “GP” is used to refer to the sourcing of all products and services that do not belong to the goods for resale, but that the PHOENIX business units need to function on a day to day basis and to ensure business continuity. This can include any indirect demand from office stationary to vehicle leasing, consulting services, and temporary labour. Thus, the term “General Procurement supplier” refers to any business partner delivering any such indirect goods or providing any such indirect services to PHOENIX. Suppliers of trading goods like the pharmaceutical industry are not within the scope of this GP Supplier Code of Conduct.

    Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)


Compliance: ethical behaviour and integrity

Observing laws and regulations as well as following the PHOENIX group’s compliance guidelines are direct results of the corporate responsibility we bear as a part of society. We share this responsibility with our employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors. Compliance at the PHOENIX group rests on three pillars: our anti-corruption guidelines, competition compliance policy, and code of conduct.

It is particularly important to us that we provide transparent communication and regular training to our employees. Employees who are in contact with customers or suppliers, or who have the authority to make business deals, as well as all managers are receiving special in-person training on compliance. We have achieved our objective of training all those employees, which will be followed up with advanced training measures in 2017.

CSR Report

Would you like to learn more about our latest developments in sustainability? You can find all the details in our latest CSR Report.

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