Pharmaceutical Technology

Coming in and Finding Out: Blending Receptor-Targeted Delivery and Efficient Endosomal Escape in a Novel Bio-Responsive siRNA Delivery System for Gene Knockdown in Pulmonary T Cells

Prof. Dr. Olivia Monika Merkel, University of Munich

RNA interference (RNAi) has the potential to selectively silence disease-related genes in defined subsets. Translation into the clinical routine is, however, still hampered by the lack of efficient carrier systems for therapeutic siRNA, endosomal entrapment presenting a major hurdle. Prof. Merkel and her team worked on a novel upgraded siRNA delivery system that is not only able to specifically deliver its payload to the desired target cells via receptor-mediated endocytosis, but also shows enhanced release from endosomal vesicles in order to initiate RNAi in the cytoplasm.

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