Areas of responsibility

Supporting our employees

The success of our company relies on motivated and committed employees. After all, we can only make a difference if we all work together as the PHOENIX group. This means that it is particularly important to us that we offer our employees attractive working conditions and interesting career opportunities as well as a safe and healthy work environment. Our trust-based relationship is founded on our corporate culture, which centres on dialogue.

  • Developing education and further training

    The PHOENIX group employs more than 39,000 people – including around 2,500 apprentices across Europe. We help every individual to shape their own career path and develop professional and personal skills. That is why we set store by an efficient and comprehensive system of education and further training. This allows us to recognise the diverse potential of our employees and give them targeted support. It is a win-win situation: we as a company also ultimately benefit from highly qualified and committed employees.

  • Requiring and developing talent

    At the PHOENIX group, our team of 39,000 people brings together a great variety of potential and ability. That is why it is a matter of course for us to fill management positions primarily from within the company. Cross-border succession planning facilitates international career opportunities – while simultaneously strengthening commitment to the PHOENIX group. Our talent management scheme underpins this approach. It determines the key positions, identifies the top performers, and provides ideal opportunities for further development.

  • Focusing on occupational health management

    We have a special responsibility for the health of our employees, which is why we are continuously working to further expand our occupational health management system. That is because one of our goals is to maintain the group-wide illness rate at the good level that has already been achieved.

    Projects to support healthcare

    • Health days, including measures for early cancer diagnosis
    • Advisory services for stress management and healthy eating
    • Promoting sports by means of financial subsidies
    • Offer of company bicycles in collaboration with JobRad
    • Effective and respectful conversations about returning to or absences from work
    • Corporate integration management
  • Workplace safety

    When it comes to a healthy and safe work environment, we believe safe working practices should be a given. As part of our quality management system, we guarantee strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the individual countries and of the European Union. Accidents must be prevented from the outset. Regular employee training contributes to this. The main topics are fire protection, workplace ergonomics, correct lifting techniques, and the safe operation of machinery and equipment. Very close attention is also paid to protective workwear in all our subsidiaries.

  • Corporate culture based on dialogue

    A dialogue based on trust and open cooperation are important pillars of our corporate culture. On the one hand, communication takes place via the annual performance review between managers and staff. On the other, we conduct surveys into employee satisfaction at regular intervals. At the end of 2015, we developed over 140 measures for improvement across the company, based on the results. To further encourage dialogue with our employees, we ran another group-wide employee survey in 2018. In future, the Executive Board of the PHOENIX group will receive a quarterly progress report on the follow-up process and discuss the development status with the management teams in the respective countries on a regular basis.

people in 27 countries work for the PHOENIX group
39,000people in 27 countries work for the PHOENIX group
secure the future of the leadership team
Talentssecure the future of the leadership team
reduction in sickness rate - we aim to achieve this goal by 2021/22
8 %reduction in sickness rate - we aim to achieve this goal by 2021/22

In dialogue with employees

The PHOENIX group attaches great importance to open and continuous dialogue. “We believe that to shape our future successfully, we need to work together with our employees. That is why we specifically promote internal ideas management and have successfully launched three projects with this in mind,” says Monica Schwöbel, HR Director Germany.

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You will find detailed information about current developments in our “employees” area of responsibility in the PHOENIX Sustainability Report.

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