In dialogue with employees

The PHOENIX group attaches great importance to open and continuous dialogue. “We believe that to shape our future successfully, we need to work together with our employees. That is why we specifically promote internal ideas management and have successfully launched three projects with this in mind,” says Monica Schwöbel, HR Director Germany.

Employee survey and ideas workshop

It is important to us that our employees are happy and motivated. But how do they actually feel? We surveyed 34,000 employees across Europe to find out. One thing the survey revealed is that most of our employees are satisfied with their work environment. But at the same time, there is clear room for improvement. Taking a proactive approach, PHOENIX in Germany introduced the “Ideenräume” (ideas rooms) project: over several weeks, employees were invited to come to the ideas rooms to write down their suggestions. They then worked on selected proposals in ideas workshops. The aim is to incorporate these ideas into day-to-day business.


Digital companion – for all employees in Europe

Whether they want to broaden their knowledge, distribute information, or obtain solutions quickly, colleagues find it very useful to exchange information digitally. While only every third PHOENIX employee has access to a computer, they do usually own a smartphone. In order to reach everyone, we are introducing the "PHOENIX Speakap" employee app throughout the group.

We are thus creating a Europe-wide communication platform, thanks to which we will in the future be able to move even closer together across areas, hierarchies and countries.Eva KeitelProject Leader and Senior Managerin Corporate Communications

With this service, PHOENIX offers fast and efficient access to current company information in local language. In addition, the app contains user-generated content, personal profiles and an instant messaging function.

Our resourceful employees

When it comes to improving work processes, the employees are the ideal experts to consult. As part of the PHOENIX Warehouse Excellence programme, each distribution centre has a “champion” who collects suggestions. For example, champion Marco Sickmann asked his colleagues in Hanau, Germany, for ideas on reducing the number of damaged drug packages in the dispensers. There was a high level of participation – his colleagues had noticed, for example, that heavy products often damage others.

They suggested that the heavy items be picked by hand. “We implemented the ideas and it paid off: the number of unsaleable packages decreased very sharply as a result!” Sickmann says.