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As one of Europe’s leading healthcare providers and a family business that takes a long-term approach, the PHOENIX group bears a special responsibility.

Our corporate mission statement describes the principles and values governing our day-to-day business while also reflecting our understanding of sustainability. We implement our sustainability activities holistically on an economic, social, and environmental level.

In the process, we adapt to meet the needs of our customers and our local communities. This applies to all divisions of the company and to each of the countries in which we operate. That is because we aim for growth that creates value – for the company and for society.

Key topics for the PHOENIX group

The PHOENIX group regularly performs a materiality analysis in line with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – most recently in spring 2018. An extensive, online stakeholder survey was used to define the PHOENIX group’s sustainability topics and assess the impact made by PHOENIX in these topic areas.

The findings form the basis of the current Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR Report).


    We have established an overarching sustainability management system to guide our sustainability activities. Many sustainability topics are implemented at a local level as a result of varying circumstances, but the sustainability team at the PHOENIX group still communicates closely with the sustainability representatives in the individual subsidiaries. In this way, we not only find inspiration from examples of best practice but also promote knowledge-sharing and networking. The sustainability team reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer on a monthly basis.


    There are many aspects to responsibility. To manage and drive forward the PHOENIX group’s sustainability activities in a structured way, we have defined four action points as our areas of responsibility.

    The PHOENIX group’s areas of responsibility

    We develop company-wide targets for each action area and implement specific measures to achieve them. Find out more about our sustainability activities here:

    • Value creation for customers and the company
    • Environmental protection
    • Supporting employees
    • Commitment to society

    Getting better every day. To achieve this goal, we set ourselves ambitious targets – for all divisions of the PHOENIX group. And we are so rigorous that our progress is often faster than planned.

    Our achievements (compared with 2014/15)

    • Reduction in the costs of pharmaceutical waste
    • Introduction of group-wide data protection guidelines

    Sustainability does not stand still. Success motivates us to do more – that is why we developed new objectives for sustainability management at the PHOENIX group in 2018. Discover what we are aiming to achieve over the next few years in our current CSR Report.


    Creating transparency, increasing efficiency.

    We use our key figures:

    • To give a clear indication of where we are today and where we can make further improvements in the future.
    • As the basis for managing activities effectively and monitoring the achievement of objectives.
    • To help us give the public concise information about our sustainability activities and our progress.

    You will find the PHOENIX group’s current key figures here. If you require further details, please refer to our sustainability report.

The PHOENIX group and the SDGs

The PHOENIX group is committed to supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

Company-wide SDG workshop

Our first SDG workshop, designed to boost company-wide implementation, was held in 2018. The aim of the interactive format was to raise awareness of the SDGs, deepen knowledge, and categorise our existing sustainability measures in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants in the workshop also discussed creative and innovative ideas as well as opportunities for development. The two-day event took place in Belgrade, Serbia. It was attended by a total of 16 employees from 15 countries.

Planning an impact-oriented approach

As part of the stakeholder survey in 2018, we also asked our stakeholders to assign our measures to the different development goals. According to the responses, the most significant impacts made by the PHOENIX group primarily relate to SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and production). Our sustainability team is currently working to analyse the impact of the prioritised SDGs.

Sustainability throughout Europe

Wide-ranging action in a compact format. Our diagram highlights various measures we are taking to make the PHOENIX group’s business activities sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The current Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR Report) for the PHOENIX group provides comprehensive information about our approach.

Read the CSR Report
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