Value creation for customers and the company

In light of changing conditions, a high level of competition, and digitalisation, the pharmaceutical sector is faced with enormous challenges. In order to identify upcoming requirements at an early stage, it is important for us to maintain regular communication and measure the satisfaction of our customers. Ensuring the quality of our products is our highest priority – and that goes for the PHOENIX group’s entire supply chain. We believe that responsible and legal conduct is vital for sustainable corporate success.

  • Successful fiscal year

    In fiscal year 2019/20, the PHOENIX group developed well once again and grew more strongly than the market as a whole. Revenue increased by just under 5.9 per cent to €27.3 billion, and total operating performance rose by almost 5 per cent to €34.5 billion. 

  • Ensuring future viability

    We consistently pursue the continuous optimisation of our operating processes. With the JUMP initiative that we launched in 2018, we are making a significant contribution to ensuring the future viability of our logistics network. The expansion of our pharmacy portfolio marks an additional milestone. In the past year, the PHOENIX group has also invested approximately half of its earnings in new distribution centres, automation, and logistics services for the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the modernisation of its pharmacies. You can find more detailed information in our 2018/19 annual report.

  • Strengthening innovation management

    The Corporate Business Innovation department focuses on digital transformation and the development of new business activities. The team also plans to advance trends and innovations in the healthcare sector. To achieve this, our internal experts are in close communication with international decision makers. The aim of the innovation management system is to develop an even more comprehensive range of pioneering products and services.

  • Ensuring quality management

    Our day-to-day operations have to meet the highest quality standards. All PHOENIX group companies satisfy the guidelines for good distribution practice (GDP) as published by the EU. Our quality management system is based on risk, as per GDP requirements. All employees at our distribution centres in Germany are given annual training in our system. Group-wide coverage of the ISO 9001 quality management standard is above 90 per cent. We responded quickly to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), aimed at combating the falsification of pharmaceuticals, and use the securPharm falsification prevention system to enable end-to-end verification. Our solution hinges on the PHOENIX FMD Cloud, which is a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective method for our partners.

  • Practising a culture of compliance

    Responsible and legal conduct forms an important cornerstone of the PHOENIX group’s corporate culture. One particular concern lies in upholding human rights. We act according to the principles of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights – and also require that our partners follow our lead. To address the issue of compliance, the PHOENIX group has established a group-wide organisation, appointed local compliance managers in all countries, and defined a code of conduct. To communicate the contents of our five-pillar compliance system and ensure that all employees behave lawfully, we run regular training sessions across the group.

  • Guaranteeing data protection

    The PHOENIX group has established a group-wide structure for data protection. The issue is becoming increasingly established in our organisation through the use of guidelines and processes. Alongside the PHOENIX group’s involvement in other organisations, its membership of the German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD) facilitates an ongoing exchange of ideas and the representation of its interests. Through the provision of training to all employees, we ensure compliance with all guidelines and laws governing data protection. Our group-wide data protection guidelines, based on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have been effective since 25 May 2018 and apply to all employees.

  • Shaping a sustainable supply chain

    Together with our partners, we take on responsibility. We maintain positive and trusting relationships, especially with our direct suppliers. We expect them to meet environmental and social standards. Our strategic procurement processes contain a series of sustainability criteria. The group also applies its own Supplier Code of Conduct for the procurement of indirect goods and trade goods.

Around 70 percent of our employees were trained in the group-wide e-learning on the new General Data Protection Regulation
GDPRAround 70 percent of our employees were trained in the group-wide e-learning on the new General Data Protection Regulation
Group Privacy Directive becomes effective
2018Group Privacy Directive becomes effective
group-wide coverage of the ISO 9001 quality management standard
90 %group-wide coverage of the ISO 9001 quality management standard

Medicines: highly sensitive!

Drugs are sensitive goods: they need to be stored and transported at specific temperatures and require extremely careful handling. Many PHOENIX employees, from warehouse workers to pharmacists, work hard every day to ensure that drugs reach the patient undamaged.

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You will find detailed information about current developments in our “value creation” area of responsibility in the PHOENIX Sustainability Report.

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