Valuing every individual employee, thinking and acting sustainably, and always keeping customer needs in mind: our Executive Board works in accordance with these principles each and every day, guaranteeing the long-term success of the PHOENIX group.

With our unique pharmacy and wholesale network, complemented by Health Logistics and services, we are strengthening our position as the best integrated healthcare provider in Europe. In doing so, we always put the satisfaction of our customers and our partners at the heart of our activities.
Sven SeidelChief Executive Officer
What we do impacts people’s lives in a critical area - their health. We therefore must focus on our operational excellence to ensure we can deliver outstanding healthcare services to our customers and patients.
Steve AndersonMember of the Executive Board Operations & Logistics
It is our goal to achieve top performance across all channels. Our colleagues, be it the sales force or the teams in our pharmacies, have the customer in mind in everything they do.
Marcus FreitagMember of the Executive Board Customers & Channels
By tailoring our activities to the needs of end consumers, we are closing the gap between manufacturers and patients, thereby making a key contribution to healthcare.
Stefan HerfeldMember of the Executive Board Commercial & Marketing
We develop our Healthcare Logistics services for partners in the pharmaceutical industry, while continuing to integrate sustainable practices into the supply chain.
Leon JankelevitshMember of the Executive Board Healthcare Logistics & Sustainable Supply Chain
To strengthen and expand our market position, we focus on targeted acquisitions. The quality of the cooperation between the business units involved is crucial to success.
Dr. Carsten SauerlandChief Financial Officer
Together with our partners and customers, we strive to provide holistic care to patients across Europe using latest technologies and innovative services.
Dr. Roland SchützMember of the Executive Board IT & Digital