PHOENIX in Europe

With sites in 29 countries, we are represented throughout Europe; no other healthcare provider has as large a presence on the continent.

Thanks to a total of 214 sites in the business areas pharmaceutical wholesale and pre-wholesale, we are close to our customers everywheree; we exploit synergies across borders and learn from one another. We are also active in retail in 17 countries, with more than 3,300 pharmacies.

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PHOENIX has its headquarters in Germany – and is the largest pharmaceutical wholesale company here as well. Its constant focus on the customer, high level of cost awareness, and sustainable corporate strategy have allowed the company to become the market leader – in Germany alone, more than 5,000 employees are continuously striving to ensure the company’s success.

Numerous subsidiaries along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain enable PHOENIX to offer customers a vast portfolio of services. These range from goods management and till systems, special and transport logistics, blister packaging for individual patients, to import and pharmaceutical logistics.

With distribution centres throughout Germany, PHOENIX guarantees a local supply of drugs and other health products to patients all over the country.


PHOENIX Pharma Polska, based in Konotopa close to Warsaw, is the PHOENIX group's subsidiary in Poland.

With 54 employees, the company supplies mainly wholesalers and selected pharmacies across the country with drugs and other health-related products, guaranteeing healthcare nationwide. In addition, it offers product manufacturers logistics services for the warehousing of their products on a storage area that comprises 17,700 pallet places in two locations in Konotopa and Ołtarzew.

The company acts as a full service-provider in the logistics and sales of drugs, medical devices, and care products.


Founded in Bucharest in 1990, Farmexim was the first company dealing with import and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Romania. With a constant development over the years and also a retail company being born alongside, Farmexim became one of the most important groups of companies in Romania, providing integrated services of distribution and retail within the local pharmaceutical market, through Farmexim and Help Net Farma, respectively.

In distribution, Farmexim ensures provision of pharmaceutical products for 4,500 customers: open-circuit and hospital pharmacies, drugstores, health stores and drugs warehouses, through 10 distribution centers and 800 employees nationwide. In 2020, the distributor announced a registered turnover of 519 million Euro.

Founded in 1998, Help Net is the 3rd largest pharmaceutical chains in Romania, with over 400 locations nationwide and a turnover of over 215 million Euros in 2020. The company has over 2500 employees who provide high quality services to over 3.7 million patients in our country. Help Net has been constantly growing in terms of expansion, brand awareness, operational efficiency, investments in human resources and continuous extension of the portfolio.

In 2018, Farmexim and Help Net became part of the PHOENIX group, together providing integrated healthcare services to patients across Europe.


PHOENIX Pharma EOOD is the PHOENIX group’s subsidiary in Bulgaria. With 600 employees, the company is the market leader in pharmaceutical wholesale in Bulgaria.

Besides wholesale, its business activities also include pre-wholesale as well as various services in favour of sales and marketing. A further specific focus of PHOENIX Pharma EOOD is the development of pharmacy software, another area in which the company has now become the market leader in Bulgaria.

Its distribution centres in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, and Veliko Tarnovo ensure the efficient distribution of health products throughout Bulgaria.


PHOENIX Pharma d.o.o. is the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Serbia. At its headquarters in Belgrade and in the three distribution centres in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Leskovac, more than 1,200 employees ensure that drugs and other health products arrive quickly and reliably wherever they are needed.
In addition to the Wholesale and Pre-Wholesale business units, the PHOENIX group is represented in Serbia with its pharmacy brand BENU, offering a community-based supply of health products as well as advisory services.


PHOENIX Pharma Gyógyszerkereskedelmi Zrt. is one of the leading pharmaceutical trading companies in Hungary, with more than 1,600 employees. With a total of six branches, the company has a nationwide presence and, as a wholesaler, supplies the majority of the country’s more than 2,000 pharmacies twice a day with over 14,000 products.

PHOENIX Pharma also operates its own pharmacy chain in Hungary: with 170 pharmacies, BENU is one of the largest pharmacy networks in the country. A subsidiary, Parma Produkt Kft., based in Budapest, focuses on the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.


PHOENIX Arzneiwarengroßhandlung GmbH is the PHOENIX group’s Austrian subsidiary and, with 230 employees, it acts as a full service provider for pharmacies. Its main focus is on wholesale; in this area, the company quickly and reliably supplies pharmacies throughout the country with a comprehensive range of drugs and medical products.

Within Austria, PHOENIX Arzneiwarengroßhandlung GmbH acts as an independent company, while still sharing valuable synergies and advantages within the PHOENIX group. Particular focus is placed on topas – a service that supports pharmacies in positioning themselves as a preferred venue for advice and purchasing for their customers.


Tamro Lithuania and its sister companies in Estonia and Latvia form the Tamro Baltics Group. Together they are the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic States. Tamro Baltics Group is also the leading pharmacy operator in the Baltic countries, ensuring a community-based supply of pharmaceuticals and other health products in 250 pharmacies.

The group’s services extend beyond wholesale and cover the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. They include, for example, storage and transport as well as goods management, invoicing, and other services.

With its distribution centres in Kaunas, Riga, and Tallinn, Tamro Baltics ensures fast, reliable shipping across the region and makes a decisive contribution to healthcare throughout the Baltic States.

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Tamro Latvia and its sister companies in Estonia and Lithuania form the Tamro Baltics Group. Thanks to the cooperation between the three national sites, the group has become the largest Baltic wholesaler for pharmaceutical products as well as one of the leading pharmacy operators in the entire region.

The Tamro Baltics Group supplies hospitals and pharmacies with drugs and other health products. Tamro also offers its customers additional services along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain – from storage and transport to goods management and invoicing. Its retail network comprises 250 pharmacies, which provide customers in all three countries with medicines and other health-related products, such as nutritional supplements and skincare products.

With its distribution centres in Kaunas, Riga, and Tallinn, Tamro Baltics ensures fast, reliable shipping across the region and makes a decisive contribution to healthcare throughout the Baltic States.


PHOENIX Zdravotnícke zásobovanie, a.s., headquartered in Bratislava is the market leader in pharmaceutical wholesale in Slovakia. But the PHOENIX group in Slovakia is not only successful in wholesale: With the well-known pharmacy chain BENU, the company also makes a significant contribution to healthcare throughout the country in pre-wholesale and retail.

Every day, 497 employees at PHOENIX, as well as 490 employees in the individual BENU pharmacies, ensure that the PHOENIX group can further strengthen their market leadership in Slovakia. To achieve this aim, all employees in the four distribution centres in Bratislava, Zvolen, Nesvady, and Košice work to make sure that pharmacies, hospitals and customers throughout Slovakia are supplied with a comprehensive range of drugs and medical products at all times.

Czech Republic

PHOENIX lékárenský velkoobchod, a.s. is one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in the Czech Republic. Every day, 800 employees make an important contribution to supplying the Czech population with health products. Through its five distribution centres, the company focuses on providing timely deliveries to pharmacies and hospitals. With more than 280 branches, the pharmacy chain BENU guarantees community-based supply throughout the Czech Republic, making it the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country.


Tamro Estonia and its sister companies in Lithuania and Latvia form the Tamro Baltics Group. Together, they are the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic States. The three locations play an important role in ensuring good healthcare throughout the region and guarantee that pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers are supplied quickly and reliably with medicines and other health-related products.

Tamro Baltics is one of the leading pharmaceutical retail companies in the three Baltic States, operating through 162 own pharmacies in Latvia and Lithuania as well as providing BENU full franchise service for 90 pharmacies in Estonia. Tamro successfully supplies customers and patients from all three Baltic countries with pharmaceuticals and other health products such as dietary supplements or skin care products.

With its distribution centres in Tallinn, Riga and Kaunas, Tamro Baltics ensures fast, secure shipping across the region and makes a decisive contribution to healthcare throughout the Baltic States.


In Switzerland, PHOENIX group is active with his entities Amedis-UE (wholesale/pre-wholesale) and Pharmacies BENU (retail).

Amedis-UE AG is a customer-focused, market-oriented and innovative pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Swiss healthcare market and offers with its two distribution centres in Unterentfelden and Puidoux the full range of pharmaceutical and medical products. The ranked number two in Swiss pharmaceutical wholesale is also an active pre-wholesale provider for industry partners.

Pharmacies BENU SA, located in the western part of Switzerland, is a constantly expanding pharmacy chain with more than 90 pharmacies throughout the country. Over 850 employees and more than 100 apprentices offer their customers great expertise and best advice.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

PHOENIX Pharma d.o.o. is a subsidiary of the PHOENIX group and is one of the leading wholesalers in the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its business activities are focused on the distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With its subsidiary El Pharma d.o.o., PHOENIX Pharma offers specialist services for the pharmaceutical industry, while transmed Transport d.o.o. supplies its customers with more than 8,000 different products.

Within Bosnia and Herzegovina, PHOENIX Pharma is primarily active in Bijeljina, Sarajevo, and Banja Luka. With more than 200 employees and over 5,000 square metres of warehousing, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a strong location for the PHOENIX group in South East Europe.


PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. is the second-largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Croatia. The company, headquartered in Zagreb, specialises in the sale of pharmaceutical and medical products. From pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics to diagnostic laboratories, the Croatian branch of the PHOENIX group, with its subsidiary PHOENIX Plus d.o.o., supplies services to all customers along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.

PHOENIX Farmacija operates a total of 5 distribution centres, employing a total of more than 270 people. Besides drugs, medical products, and nutritional supplements, the company also sells baby food, cosmetics, and many other healthcare products. PHOENIX Farmacija’s portfolio of services in Croatia also includes numerous sales and marketing services for its partners under the All-in-One umbrella, which makes PHOENIX Farmacija market leader in providing additional Services for both suppliers and customers.

North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the PHOENIX group is represented by PHOENIX Pharma DOOEL and EL Pharma DOOEL, as the leading wholesaler in the country. The North Macedonian operation, with its headquarters in Skopje, focuses on wholesale as well as pre-wholesale. With more than 100 employees, the company ensures that all products reach its partners and customers securely and reliably.

PHOENIX Pharma DOOEL in North Macedonia offers services and products along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain – for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products as well as for pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and patients.


In France, PHOENIX Pharma and OCP France, which is the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler on the French market, ensure fast, secure and reliable delivery of healthcare solutions in France.

Pharmactiv is a cooperation of 1,700 independent pharmacists. The service company helps its members to maximize the well-being amongst patients while providing appropriate solutions.


The Comifar Group is the leading Italian wholesaler for pharmaceutical products. The company has 23 distribution centres throughout the country and employs more than 1,700 people, who make a significant contribution to Italy’s healthcare every day. Admenta Italia operates two distribution centres in Milan and Bologna.

BENU operates nearly 220 pharmacies and follows a customer centric approach with services tailored to their needs.

United Kingdom

PHOENIX Medical Supplies Limited, established in 1998, has its Head Office in Runcorn, Cheshire, and is one of the top five companies operating within both the UK pharmaceutical wholesale and retail pharmacy markets. Every day, 5,045 employees ensure that drugs and other health products arrive quickly and reliably wherever they are needed – thanks to 13 distribution centres across the UK and more than 520 community pharmacies in the Rowlands Pharmacy chain.

The primary goal and the biggest success factor for PHOENIX UK is its innovative and forward thinking services to manufacturer partners, customers and patients. With its numerous subsidiaries offering services along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, PHOENIX Medical Supplies Ltd in the United Kingdom always ensures the highest quality and the best service. Practice Services UK Ltd (PSUK), for example, is a service led membership organisation providing professional and commercial services to primary and secondary care healthcare organisations, while Nupharm Ltd’s core business are import and export activities.


In Nomeco, the PHOENIX group has a successful subsidiary in the Danish market. Nomeco A/S is the result of several pharmaceutical wholesalers that have merged since 1801.

With its sites in Copenhagen, Odense, Århus and Køge, Nomeco is the market leader  in wholesale, in the hospital services market, and in healthcare logistics (pre-wholesale).

The company, headquartered in Copenhagen, and its subsidiary Specific Pharma, have a total of around 900 employees who work successfully to ensure efficient healthcare throughout Denmark.

The Netherlands

Brocacef Groep NV is the Dutch subsidiary of the PHOENIX group based in Maarssen. The company is the market leader in pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacy retail in the Netherlands. About 5,000 employees are continuously striving to ensure the company’s success.

With its subsidiaries as well as six distribution centers, the PHOENIX group is heavily involved in healthcare throughout the Netherlands. Every day, the company successfully supplies pharmacies, practitioners, hospitals, healthcare institutions and patients throughout the country with medications, medical devices, health products and pharmaceutical care.


With Apotek 1 Gruppen AS, the PHOENIX group has a strong subsidiary in Scandinavia. A total of 4,719  employees make sure that the population is supplied with medicines and other health-related products, particularly in retail but also at the head office in Lørenskog and the distribution centres in Lørenskog and Narvik.

The pharmacy chain Apotek 1 is number one in pharmacy retail in Norway. Every day, more than 3,000 qualified employees in more than 340 pharmacies ensure that customers and patients receive the best possible advice.


Tamro AB, with its headquarters in Gothenburg, is the only independent pharmaceutical logistics service provider in Sweden. The PHOENIX group’s Swedish operation is the undisputed number one in the country. Around 550 employees work every day to achieve this success. With its three distribution centres in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Umeå, Tamro AB handles almost 120,000 orders every day and supplies more than 1,400 pharmacies in Sweden.


Tamro Corporation is the Finnish subsidiary of the PHOENIX group. Tamro delivers health to Finnish people. With 125 years of experience in pharmaceutical distribution, it is the market leader in Finland.

With its distribution centres in Tampere and Vantaa and with 470 employees, it ensures that pharmacies, hospitals and other health care service providers can be supplied quickly, securely and reliably with pharmaceuticals and other health-related products.

In addition to traditional pharmaceutical distribution, together with its subsidiary companies Pharmac Finland, Medaffcon and Olo-apteekki it provides solutions for research and innovation, the mechanical dose dispensing of medicines and home care technology.


OCP Portugal is a pharmaceutical wholesaler headquartered in Porto. Its 6 distribution centres cover the continental Portuguese market. The company was founded in 1946 and became part of OCP Group in 1995, representing the merger of ten local wholesalers. Today, OCP Portugal counts 350 employees across 3 business segments – Consumer Solutions, Pharmacy Solutions and Communications in the health sector. The company Holon, a cooperation of 165 independent pharmacies delivering health services to patients, joined the OCP Portugal Group in 2016.


In Belgium, the company is active in the pre-wholesale and wholesale business, owns pharmacies and offers a pharmacy cooperation programm.

Pharma Belgium and Belmedis distribute medicinal products to Belgian pharmacies from ten distribution centres. Cophana offers logistics services to more than 60 laboratories and develops added value services for the pharmaceutical industry, e.g., copacking and promotional packaging.

LloydsPharma Belgium is a pharmacy retailer with 400 employees.


United Drug is Ireland’s largest pharmaceutical distribution company. The company supplies medicines and healthcare products to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and primary care centres. The core focus is in the areas of storage, order processing and distribution.

LloydsPharmacy is the leading pharmacy chain in Ireland and employs over 900 colleagues.


Kemofarmacija is the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler on the Slovenian market. Kemofarmacija covers the complete supply chain on the Slovenian healthcare market, mainly serving pharmacies and hospitals, as well as health centres, diagnostic laboratories and specialised stores. It distributes medicinal products to more than 1,000 customers throughout Slovenia from a distribution centre located in the capital, Ljubljana.


The PHOENIX group has been present in Montenegro since 2015. The companies PHOENIX Pharma and Evropa Lek Pharma (EL Pharma) offer a wide range of different additional services, from classic wholesale with headquarters in Podgorica to pharmaceutical services through the pharmacy brand BENU. With 13 locations, the BENU pharmacies cover a large area of the region and also follow the well-known modern approach here, putting patients at the centre.

As a full-service provider, EL Pharma offers its partners support in prewholesale activities. A variety of services offered by EL Pharma to its partners enable a more efficient market entry and the improvement of business parameters by increasing sales, reducing costs and optimising business.