With our pharmacy brand APOTEK 1, we have established the leading pharmacy chain in Norway. From the far north to the Baltic Sea, we successfully ensure reliable, local healthcare in the region with more than 350 branch locations.

APOTEK 1 was established in 1999 and is known as the leading pharmacy brand in Norway. Our resolve is to be accessible to people where they live and work, wherever we are needed. Always convenient to our customers. We are now the market leader in pharmaceutical retail, with more than 4,000 employees throughout the country.

Phoenix group retail APOTEK 1
Phoenix group retail APOTEK 1
Phoenix group retail APOTEK 1

Our pharmacies in Norway are committed to providing personalized advice from our specialists – especially on matters relating to preventive healthcare. Naturally, this involves treating our customers with discretion and respect. Our motto is: “Our knowledge – your safety.”

With APOTEK 1, as with our other brands, we favor a consistent and uniform aesthetic so that our customers can easily recognise us anywhere. APOTEK 1 is innovative, offering a complete shopping experience – not only in our modern retail stores, but also through our online pharmacy. We are the market leader in Norway in multi-dose business, and we are continually developing new services to meet the needs of our patients.

A firm commitment to those we serve is what distinguishes us in the marketplace. Research indicates that 96 per cent of all customers in the Norwegian market are familiar with our brand. This kind of success is the perfect prerequisite for continued, sustainable growth.

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