PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership

Successful cooperation, individual successes: PHOENIX combines its Europe-wide pharmacy cooperation programmes under the umbrella of PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership, comprising more than 13,500 member pharmacies in cooperation and partner programmes in 16 European countries in Europe

The brands take advantage of cross-border synergies and sharing their knowledge with each other. The partnership allows an improved profitability due to better purchasing terms. In addition, we provide sales and marketing services, e.g. to support pharmacies in providing added value and services for the end-customer.

For the pharmaceutical industry as well as for independent pharmacies, the network offers exceptional market access and customised solutions through 13 strong, local brands.

independent pharmacy members
13,500independent pharmacy members

Direct market access across Europe

PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership represents the largest active network operating across Europe in the pharmacy sector. With strong brands and specific, local market knowledge, we can offer the pharmaceutical industry unique opportunities in more than 16 European countries. PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership and our own retail brands, both part of our All-in-One service offer, combine the synergies to create a whole variety of new growth opportunities.

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Sharing knowledge, sharing success

Solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of independent pharmacies: we support you with a range of services in marketing, sales and management, thus helping you to remain competitive at all times. By tailoring our services to the needs of pharmacies and end consumers, we support independent pharmacies with everything needed to run the daily business: This enables pharmacist to have more time for the essential part, their patients.

The decision to join a pharmacy cooperation programme was the first step. The second step is to use the benefits of being part of such a network to the fullest. The stronger the network amongst the pharmacy members becomes, the greater the benefit – joining forces will increase the individual power.

As a wholesaler and service provider for pharmacists, PHOENIX values the voice of the independent pharmacies and therefore involves the members of the PHOENIX pharmacy cooperation programs in shaping the future of these programmes.

Key components of this process are so-called Advisory Boards. Since 2016 there is an Advisory Board on EU level. One representative from the local pharmacy cooperation programs joins this board to exchange experiences across country boarders.

The national pharmacy cooperation programs in turn have Advisory Boards, which are an important element in the continuous communication flow with the members, allowing the flow of information from the bottom up.

The national level boards meet regularly to provide feedback to the local PHOENIX management from the membership or bring up new ideas on how to improve the services towards the pharmacy and end-consumers. Pharmacists know best what influences their business and how PHOENIX can support them daily to be more successful.