The PHOENIX group

The PHOENIX group is a leading healthcare provider in Europe. Every day, we reliably provide people with drugs and medical products. Our approximately 39,000 employees thus make an important contribution to comprehensive healthcare in Europe.


Pharmaceutical wholesale is the company’s core business – with its unique level of geographical coverage in Europe. In a total of 27 countries, we supply pharmacies, doctors, and medical institutions with drugs and health products from more than 161 distribution centres.

Millions of people throughout Europe can rely on our services day in, day out. To ensure it stays this way, we have developed country-specific logistics processes that allow us to supply our customers across the continent reliably and quickly. We support pharmacies with goods management systems and cooperation programmes, as well as in the area of patient advice. We have become the market leader in ten European countries.

Phoenix group activities retail


With its pharmacy brands BENU, Apotek 1, Rowlands Pharmacy and Help Net, PHOENIX operates more than 2,700 of its own pharmacies in 14 European countries. Each year, our employees in pharmacy retail have in excess of 160 million customer contacts and dispense more than 375 million drug packages to patients. Thanks to our wide range and our experienced employees, we are able to offer patients excellent services and advice. 

Phoenix group activities pharma services

Pharma Services

Our Pharma Services provides specialised services for more than 200 pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe – we call this concept All-in-One. It brings together the pharmaceutical industry, wholesale, pharmacies, and patients. The focus is on logistics as well as on business intelligence and patient services.

PHOENIX in figures:

  • 161 distribution centres in 27 countries
  • Market leader in pharmaceutical wholesale in 13 European countries
  • More than 60,000 wholesale customers across Europe
  • Around 2,700 own pharmacies in 15 countries
  • Up to 140,000 items available per country
  • Around 39,000 employees
  • EUR 27.3 billion revenue in fiscal year 2019/20