The smart medication system Smila

Smila was developed by JDM in collaboration with our Finnish subsidiary Tamro to improve healthcare of patients across Europe and enable them to lead more independent and healthier lives.


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The medication system combines both a device placed on the patient's site as well as a cloud-based software. Smila automatically takes care of the daily and safe automated dose dispensing of medicines for patients in home care. Based on an individual medication plan, Smila provides the patient with the right medication at the right time and reminds him or her to take it by sending an acoustic signal. Caregivers and relatives can monitor the medication plans at any time via the cloud. If a patient forgets to take his or her medication, Smila stores it safely in an integrated box and sends a notification to the caregiver automatically. Nevertheless, Smila can do even more. If the patient needs help, he or she has the option to communicate directly with his caregiver or his physician via video call or chat.

In this way, the medication system not only improves the care client’s adherence, but also reduce the on-site visits for providing medication. The additional time allows caregivers to focus more on personal interactions with patients.

After a first pilot phase, Smila has already been successfully launched on the Finnish market. PHOENIX wants to build on this success and is currently rolling out the medication system Smila in Denmark. “It marks the first step towards our digital homecare platform. The usage of telemedicine in home care will grow in the future,” underlines Dr. Roland Schütz, Member of the Board of Management IT & Digital.

About JDM

JDM GmbH is a company of the PHOENIX group, which has been developing solutions in the fields of microprocessor technology, system development and mechatronics for more than 35 years. JDM has been awarded twice with the prestigious “Top 100” Award as Top Innovator of the Year.

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